New grant won & started

Our EvolEcol Group was recently financed by the Romanian Ministry of Research and Innovation for a grant entitled: Sex differences in life-history traits in birds and mammals: the significance of physiological state. The grant will run for 30 months. The main aim of the grant is to understand the physiological underpinnings of sexual differences in life histories among birds and mammals. Physiology will be characterized be immunological and oxidative physiological measures, and the level of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). The grant involves 3 senior scientists (Péter L. Pap as PI, Orsolya Vincze and Csongor I. Vágási) and 1 MSc student (Janka Pénzes). For the IGF-1 level we collaborate with the group lead by Ádám Z. Lendvai at the University of Debrecen, Hungary. We post all the news related to this grant at this blog and our group’s twitter page.

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